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I need to thank God Almighty, the only who stated He knew me earlier than I changed into fashioned withinside the womb. The person who stated that He had consecrated me and that He has appointed us as prophets to the nation. I thank God for making these days to be possible.

For me, like I constantly say, “History will vindicate the simply”.  Well, I even have simply completed my one month appointment with destiny. I got here to the custodial centre to comply with the direction of my ancestors, the Gani Fawenhinmi of this world, and people who through the years have needed to sacrifice their private consolation with the intention to protect their convictions.

For me and people who got here to go to me at some stage in my duration of incarceration, you will have left with one clean message, that I turned into completely unbothered, absolutely unmoved and now no longer perturbed. I bear in mind it an honour to be incarcerated for status through the reality. I need to increase my appreciation to my family. They were solidly at the back of me, I need to thank the Nigerian Bar Association, the Olumide Akpata-led management and all attorneys of sense of right and wrong on this u . s . a ., who while not having possibility to pay attention truely from me believed in my innocence, stood via way of means of my conviction and fought to vindicate me.

I have to additionally thank Mr Femi Falana, SAN, my lead counsel, the opposite Senior Advocates of Nigeria, and of direction individuals of the NBA management who also are a part of my felony group. My brother, Augustine Asuquo who’s status beside me and each attorney that has been a part of my prison group for status solidly at the back of me.

Again, I need to additionally thank the Nigerian civil society and the human rights network for status through certainly considered one among their personal. But I will now no longer fail to realize my buddies withinside the media. The fourth Estate of the area who’ve taken it upon themselves to take the fact to all of the 4 corners of this world. And I thank conscientious Nigerians, conscientious Akwa Ibomites and each unmarried individual that has spoken out in my defence to call for my freedom withinside the remaining one month.

Well, you’ll have heard that I become convicted for contempt of courtroom docket however I would possibly simply be, perhaps the most effective man or woman to be remanded as a attorney, as a minimum presently on this u . s . a . that became stated to had been convicted with none price desired towards him, with out an possibility to take a plea, with out his offence being disclosed or any of the concepts of truthful listening to being accorded him.

So, for me it’s miles a fantastic honour to have exceeded thru this road. But allow me nation truly and unequivocally that at the same time as I am thankful to God for this enjoy due to the fact as you could have visible it your self, this has best strengthened, this has most effective fortified me. I most effective sense sorry for folks who experience they could smash me through incarcerating me due to the fact the Inibehe that has simply pop out of incarceration is brimming with fire. Fire to combat for the not unusualplace human beings of this u . s . a . and no oppressor can quench that fire.

But allow us to now no longer be mistaken. I by no means, and I say this as a infant of God, you may see, whilst in incarceration I had the Bible as my accomplice and I had ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ as my friend. And those are the books that stored me energetic for the ultimate one month.

So I say it as a baby of God that I in no way at any time pointed my hand on the Honourable Chief Judge of Akwa Ibom. I by no means at any time banged the table. I by no means at any time shouted on the courtroom docket. These accusations handiest got here to me even as I changed into in incarceration.

But you recognise, deception and lies may also succeed for some time however there are  judges that no guy can deceive; the choose of heaven and the decide of moral sense. The Honourable Chief Judge of Akwa Ibom whose workplace I appreciate is aware of in her judgment of right and wrong that I in no way acted in any insolent manner. I in no way disrespected the courtroom docket.

All I did at the twenty seventh of July after I introduced my look in conjunction with my colleague Augustine to protect my patron Leo Ekpenyong turned into without a doubt to elevate  essential observations, that I sense each judicial officer, with profound appreciate, and that each criminal practitioner on this u . s . a . ought to pay interest to. When I arrived the courtroom docket, My Lord had introduced surely that nowadays His Lordship is coming in with anger and that the courtroom docket will now no longer tolerate any nonsense from anybody. And due to the fact we knew the antecedence of this count number, we’ve got usually accorded the courtroom docket absolute appreciate.

Even earlier than we introduced appearances, My Lord ordered the (police) orderly to ask into the court docket  armed Mobile Policemen. I am now no longer in opposition to policemen being withinside the courtroom docket. I need to be understood really due to the fact the judiciary can’t feature with out the resource of the police. The police is an essential a part of the management of justice.

And then, I reminded the courtroom docket while the policemen arrived that My Lord there’s a pending software for recusal urging My Lord to disqualify himself from this situation on grounds of bias or chance of bias which utility we filed at the twenty third day of June, 2022. And of direction because it has been, My Lord shouted me down and I rested the difficulty and stated the courtroom docket will take that software every time the courtroom docket deems fit.

And of route, My Lord ordered that the continuation of pass exam must keep and a sure witness for the Governor, one Richard Peter, this is the call he gave the courtroom docket, entered the dock and I began out go exam. I changed into on approximately the second one or 1/3 query while My Lord furiously, and I say that with all feel of admire to the courtroom docket, ordered a sure Saviour (Imukudo), a reporter with Premium Times to get up and he stood up and My Lord requested him who’re you and he stated he turned into an observer. My Lord stated who’re you to study the courtroom docket, are you a celebration to this example? He stated no My Lord, I am a journalist. My Lord requested, are you a central authority journalist? And he stated no, I paintings with Premium Times. Hell turned into permit loose. What I witnessed became unparalleled in my younger and little years, for the eight years I had been practising as a legal professional. My Lord ordered his telecellsmartphone to be seized and the policemen to take him away.

I had a obligation having been referred to as to the Nigerian Bar, having taken that solemn oath to shield the charter of this us of a, myself being an recommend of press freedom and of direction a citizen who is aware of what’s and what isn’t proper to talk out, I stood up, I did now no longer confront the courtroom docket. I stated My Lord, with profound appreciate, phase 36 of the charter ensures exposure of trial and offers that courtroom docket lawsuits will be held in public. I changed into now no longer even shouting on the courtroom docket, I changed into urging My Lord. I stated My Lord, I had notion that during view of that constitutional provision that contributors of the general public which includes newshounds need to be unfastened to get entry to the courtroom docket and examine lawsuits and of path, My Lord didn’t be given that.

Maybe, that changed into my offence, I did now no longer surrender. I nonetheless entreated the courtroom docket after which My Lord stated besides you’re the only who added him to tarnish my tough earned reputation. So I noticed that the problem had emerge as very private. So I rested the difficulty.

I become approximately to maintain my go exam and I grew to become back, once more I noticed  armed policemen with AK47, one to my proper, one to my left. This had created a lot hostility and I stated My Lord I even have additionally found the presence of  armed policemen in courtroom docket. I stated, My Lord, despite the fact that I am generally now no longer intimidated with the aid of using their presence however through their being right here with hands sitted at the back of me they’ve created hostility withinside the courtroom docket which has made it uncomfortable for me and hard for me to continue with the complaints and I pleaded with the courtroom docket to excuse them. My Lord didn’t receive our plea. Again, perhaps that turned into my offence. I did now no longer surrender due to the fact I even have a responsibility as a attorney to shield the direction of justice.

I stated My Lord, respectfully I am now making it as a proper software wherein case Your Lordship might need to render a selection and I stated however, if Your Lordship overrules me I might be sure with the aid of using the order of the courtroom docket and I might continue with my go exam. At that point, My Lord picked a pen, My Lord commenced writing. You recognise as a attorney while you are addressing the courtroom docket and the courtroom docket is writing you’re excited that the courtroom docket is paying attention to what you’re announcing. Unknown to me, I idea My Lord become writing what I turned into announcing now no longer understanding it become my committal order to jail. The subsequent component I heard became ‘you there, step out of the bar’. I stepped out of the bar. I did now no longer combat. And then my Lord stated derobe your self and I need to additionally say once more I did now no longer derobe immediately. I need to area the report as it’s far due to the fact I can’t derobe as a attorney in courtroom docket if I don’t realize the motive why I must derobe. It is like getting rid of my Call-to-Bar certificate. I stated My Lord if I derobe I can not deal with the courtroom docket as a counsel. My Lord stated ‘you’re not a legal professional, I now no longer apprehend you due to the fact I am sending you to jail’.

I didn’t trust it. The subsequent factor my Lord did turned into to examine what My Lord had already written ‘you’re hereby sentenced to at least one month imprisonment, to be remanded on the Correctional Centre till you purge your self of contempt’.

And then I had eliminated my wig. My Lord ordered the 2 armed policemen ‘keep him, maintain him. Make certain he does now no longer leave. Hold him, ensure he does now no longer escape’. And I advised the policemen, even though I escape, human beings out of doors will realize that I am the only this is running. Where will I run to? Where in Akwa Ibom will I hide? So, I instructed them, I don’t have problem, I will comply with you to jail. I will now no longer be first (to be there).

All I actually have informed you is what transpired. So, folks who say Inibehe does now no longer understand the way to say ‘As the Court pleases’, Inibehe turned into disrespecting the courtroom docket, those are lies. And I say that on my honour. And I’m the usage of this possibility to publicly urge and attraction to My Lord the Honourable Chief Judge of Akwa Ibom State, My Lord the Honourable Justice Ekaette Fabian Obot to delight launch the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) digital digicam of that day. Because I am advised, I am conscious to the exceptional of my information that there may be CCTV interior that court docket, My Lord the Chief Judge’s courtroom docket. Let all legal professionals in Nigeria see whilst Inibehe pointed on the Honourable Chief Judge. Let them additionally see while Inibehe banged on the table. Even if I become the maximum insolent attorney in Nigeria, you do now no longer must scandalize my call and characteristic to me a behavior that by no means passed off in courtroom docket simply to justify what’s virtually unjustifiable.

So what I even have informed you is the fact. Any account out of doors what I even have advised you is a lie and it’ll continue to be a lie forever.

I can announce to you that I even have taken steps to stable the discharge of 17 inmates on the Uyo Custodial Centre, in truth one left closing night. The others could have come however the government had been worried that humans have been collecting an excessive amount of so I couldn’t wait. I turned into alleged to pop out with them. We needed to spend considerable and significant amount of cash to make that happen. These are human beings that had been admitted to bail at Magistrate Courts, that they’d no one to take them on bail. In truth, the younger guy who left the day gone by changed into admitted to bail, ultimately his rate turned into struck out, the courtroom docket did now no longer come to tell the Custodial Centre. He turned into simply there. It became till the individual I requested to head and ideal his bail went to courtroom docket the previous day, that become once they got here to stable his launch. This is a person that had no enterprise being in detention however this indicates you ways terrible the device is.

So, the closing 17 I am hopeful that earlier than the quit of these days they’ll be out. And I am doing that to additionally permit humans realize that the Criminal Justice device in Akwa Ibom and Nigeria as an entire desires to be revisited. There are a variety of harmless humans which can be there. The society may also condemn they all as criminals however if there has been any doubt that I had as a attorney that harmless human beings may be sentenced, through my enjoy I am now a witness of fact. By my personal revel in having been despatched to jail without a offence disclosed, with none misconduct, then there are harmless humans there.

Well, the jail lifestyles is what I actually have usually been organized for. That is why I snigger at people who had been celebrating my incarceration. I even have usually been organized. I knew this turned into inevitable due to the fact you do now no longer constantly combat folks that are oppressing our humans and also you do now no longer anticipate to be incarcerated. Life withinside the jail is a specific existence entirely. These are the deserted residents of Nigeria. They had been deserted with the aid of using the Federal Government of Nigeria. They were deserted via way of means of the Akwa Ibom State Government. As a count number of truth, I even have additionally undertaken to take in instances of a number of the inmates and withinside the coming days, you’ll get to research of a number of those pathetic instances.

For me, all I had to do turned into simply to regulate to the environment. There are such a lot of matters I needed to alter to. But get this clean, if I actually have ever had sound sleep in my lifestyles it became whilst I became withinside the jail. I had possibility of snoozing for now no longer much less than eight hours a day. I don’t have that during Lagos. So, I should additionally thank My Lord for this hard-earned vacation. I am thankful to the Chief Judge of Akwa Ibom. You might imagine it’s far humorous however the day I arrived right here from Ikot Ekpene at the tenth of this month, I went to the health facility to test my weight. I turned into weighing sixty-some thing however as I am leaving I am seventy-some thing. So that indicates that I changed into in no way afflicted at the same time as I become in incarceration. That is why I pity individuals who say oh whilst he comes out, he’ll now no longer communicate once more. The voice they so hate is now louder.”

Being Barr. Inibehe Effiong’s cope with to newshounds, pals, and well-wishers following his launch from jail custody on Friday 26 August, 2022 after a 30-day cumulative incarceration in each Ikot Ekpene and Uyo Custodial Centres. Excerpts captured through TheMail Newspaper.


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